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The Nigella Look


Nigella Lawson famous red dress - buy now from Saint BustierGET THE LOOK: NIGELLA LAWSON'S LITTLE RED DRESS

Notorious TV personality, author, chef and general bon viveur, Nigella Lawson has a classic, full-bodied fashion style that fits her “formidably charismatic” personality as well as it fits her curves.

After graduating from the University of Oxford after an arduous and rebellious relationship with the British education system, Lawson started her career in publishing before becoming a journalist writing literary and restaurant reviews for The Spectator. At 26 the soon-to-be Domestic Goddess took up a position as the deputy literary editor for The Sunday Times but decided to pursue freelance journalism instead as she decided she “didn’t want to be an executive, being paid to worry rather than think”.

Having learned to cook, and to enjoy cooking, from her socialite mother, Nigella went on to indulge this familial passion by writing cookbooks, with her 1998 debut ‘How To Eat’ bringing huge success and the start of an internationally acclaimed career.

Lawson’s quick witted, sophisticated-yet-saucy cookery shows, laden with innuendo and suggestive spoon licking, shocked some when Nigella Bites, filmed at her West London home, first hit our screens in 1999. Credited with bringing a new sensuality to TV food programming, whilst we know it’s probably not intended as a compliment, we just love how The New York Times put it:

“Lawson’s sexy roundness mixed with her speed-demon technique makes cooking dinner with Nigella look like the prelude to an orgy”

One of the Saint Bustier team’s modern day fashion icons and fellow Vivienne Westwood aficionado, Nigella knows how to dress for her curvy figure and bigger bust. The former Vogue food editor was also the magazine’s April 2014 cover girl, where she appeared in a pared down shoot, showing a more natural look although she admitted her love for dramatic 1960s screen siren makeup and big hair.

Nigella Lawson’s signature style is classically elegant with a playful edge, opting for enduring style over fast fashion, and taking inspiration from the divas of the 50s and 60s. She often pairs sexy, confident, bodycon wiggle dresses, usually in a slimming block colour, that hug and highlight her curvaceous silhouette, with a sumptuous knit for touchy-feely tactile appeal and chooses scoop and v necklines.