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The Empowerment Of Perry



Office Essential For Busty Women: Perry Dress

If we were to pick a dress out of our entire collection that we guarantee will make you feel CONFIDENT, it's the Perry Dress. But can you really tell from just looking at it on the hanger?

We took the Perry Dress out for an evening to see what some of our Saint Bustier friends thought. Jodie, an hourglass size 10 with a 34F cup size bust, and Caroline, a small-hipped size 10 and 36D cup size, both have very different body shapes but both equally encounter problems when trying to find shirts or work dresses that fit properly and don’t pop at the bust. Both of them LOVED the perry dress.


When they first took it off the hanger, they were somewhat unenthused. The shape and magic of the fabric is simply NOT something you can appreciate until you put it on. It wasn’t until I made them wash their mitts and allowed them to touch it that they started making some ‘ooh, feels expensive’ sounds.

Caroline (pictured) said, "This really feels like QUALITY fabric. I would definitely invest in a work dress with fabric that will last for years, and this is one of the nicest I've seen."


When they tried the Perry Dress on, Caroline and Jodie were both astounded by the comfortable fit, how expensive it felt, and how empowered it made them feel! They both said that without a doubt, they would love to wear this dress in a corporate environment. 

Warm enough to wear in the winter without a jacket, the removable fur collar also means you can lighten the look for warmer seasons. The magic in this dress is in the fabric and in the detail. It's somethat that really needs to be tried to be believed.

Jodie pointed out that, "I wouldn't have looked twice at this dress just looking at it on the hanger. It really took me by surprise how great it feels on. I love the peplum detail, and also that the fur collar is removable. I'm not always in the mood for fur, so that's a great little perk."

The thick, flattering fabric is a real silhouette smoother, and the fitted bodycon style offers a feminine feel, whilst the strength and thickness of the fabric is enough to smooth out any lumps and bumps, minimise the bust JUST enough, and feel perfectly conservative enough for an office environment. 

Caroline couldn't believe how confident the Perry Peplum Dress made her feel. "This dress really commands respect. I feel like people would listen to me in the boardroom. In fact, I'd wear this if I were to go on the Apprentice. It feels conservative, but I must admit what I love most is that I still feel quite sexy!"  



Perry Dress: Office dress for busty women