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Gillian Anderson: Even better at 50


Born to the owner of a film post-production company, Gillian Anderson is one’s of life’s red-headed beauties that made it big as Dana Scully in the X-Files in 1993, alongside co-star David Duchovny.  

We loved X-Files the first time round and were astounded that, now nearly 50 years old, Gillian looks even more gorgeous than she did back in the 90’s. We’re delighted too that her re-appearance on the X-files has given her a spring-board back into the celebrity world, with no less that four (FOUR!) movies currently in post-production and a brand new TV series called American Gods set to premier in April.

We’re even more delighted to see that Gillian hasn’t lost her penchant for fashion. A beautiful clothes horse, she has always dressed elegantly and we’re excited to see what else she’s going to bring to the red carpet. From caped styles to blouson dresses, Gilliian loves fitted and bodycon styles. However we've noticed that rather than sticking to a style formula, she tends to lean towards whatever feels and looks good at the time! We've put together a micro-closet of styles to help you get the look.

Gillian Anderson red carpet dresses