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Best Dress Styles For Big Boobs


I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve heard that boobs are IN or OUT of fashion. In 2016 Vogue told us that décolletage is out of fashion, but it can’t be denied that whilst catwalks remain thin-thin-thin, it’s curves that are making headlines right now.

Here’s what I think though: Boobs & body shape should NEVER be considered a trend. Telling someone that their frame determines whether or not they are ‘in’ is quite frankly outrageous. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t dream of assessing someone’s credibility by their skin colour, height, eye colour or foot-size. So please, fashion world, quit talking about boobs. It only serves to make us feel insecure about our bodies from one season to the next.

DO, however, talk about FASHION! We love clothes! We love and enjoy the art of styling ourselves. But the idea of transforming ourselves from the sleepy-eyed, crazy haired sloth we see in the mirror first thing in the morning, to the cleansed, made up, sparkly person who steps out the door when we leave for work - with any kind of ease - at times feels like a distant dream. So where on earth do we start?

 Best dress styles for big boobs: celebrity style



Let’s have a little think. Do we want to embrace our boobs, or do we want to hide them? The truth is that there are solutions for both, and you can switch from one to the other depending on your mood or your event. What’s not so easy, however, is finding clothes that fit you. Of course, you could take the traditional ‘dress one or two sizes up’ in order for an item to fit you in the chest, or you could even shop at some of the cheap & cheerful better known brands that will create an item with your bust size in mind. However, this doesn’t help us understand what TRULY WORKS for our bust. We need to nail it. Understand why a cut works, or indeed why it doesn’t. What cut will really flatter your figure, and what you might like to avoid. 





We love the sweetheart neckline because of how beautifully and naturally it flows with your curves. The sweetheart neckline creates an illusion of balance, giving your bust a 'voice', cinching in your waist and creating an hourglass silhouette. No matter how big or small your stature, the silhouette neckline is by far the busty woman’s best friend. Nigella Lawson is a big believer of the sweetheart neckline, and we happen to stock her favorite little red dress (in many other colours and prints too).

Best dress style for big boobs: Sweetheart Neckline


The V-neck works so well for the larger bust because of the way it slims the boobs. V-necks are also great because the tailoring minimises any drag of fabric across the bust, although you still have to watch for drag from the shoulders. The trick is to either ensure a strong fabric, buy a faux-wrap style where added stitching strengthens the fabric, or buy a style with shoulder detail, such as the Palazzo Jumpsuit with artfully placed shoulder-ruching.

Best dress style for big boobs: V-necks



Some busty women swear by square necklines, some aren't quite so convinced. We happen to love them, depending on the style of the dress. The risk is that they can expose the bra strap, and can also create a widening illusion on the upper body that so many of we busties like to avoid. However, a well tailored dress will tailor in very slightly from the shoulders to cover the bra and draw in the silhouette. The Miranda is one square-neck dress that we particularly love for this reason.

Best dress style for big boobs: Straight necklines


High neckline dresses are as elegant as they are comfortable, and whatever you do, DON'T assume that high necks don’t suit big boobs! From perfect big bust party dresses to conservative work dresses, it’s all about balancing tricks. Distractions like a blouson style with a waist slimming pencil skirt such as the Lauren dress by Badgley Mischka, or peplum detail to balance the silhouette such as the peplum Daisy dress. A belt, artfully placed ruching, a well chosen print; these things will  enable you to rock your high neckline dress.

Best dress style for big boobs: High neck dresses





The idea of bodycon dresses can appear quite daunting and some believe they look better on a smaller frame, but we strongly recommend that you try before you dismiss! Whilst a bodycon dress made with cheap, thin fabric might feel like you’re putting everything on display, one made with a good quality fabric will hold you in, smooth out lumps and bumps, accentuate your curves, remove bulk, slim the silhouette and feel incredibly comfortable whilst making you feel like a million dollars. Go ahead and try it! We love the Ava dress, Nigella dresses and Miranda dresses for some extra ‘nip & tuck effect’ style.  Don't forget, you can also make use of silhouette smoothing shapewear for that super confident feeling.

Big big boob styles: Bodycon dresses


Love them or hate them, whether you’re big or small a little peplum style works magic on a silhouette. If you’re slender, peplum detail will suddenly give you a feminine silhouette to die for. If you’re curvy or busty, the peplum cut will balance your silhouette and cinch in your waistline, whilst masterfully hiding that ‘lower tummy shadow’ that so many of us like to try and hide. Serious, peplum is magic. We love the Vivienne tops for some dressed up busty peplum style, however the Perry dress is a winner for boardroom meetings (with the added benefit of having that ‘nip & tuck effect’ fabric we spoke about earlier).

Best styles for big boobs: Peplum dresses & tops


Ok, so perhaps not a real wrap dress. It’s a faux-wrap we’re looking for, NOT a faux-pas. The faux-wrap is one that is stitched in place in order to sit properly across the boob, not dragging beneath it, whilst offering detail across the bust and creating a minimising effect at the waist-line. Wrap dress or wrap top tailoring is incredibly comfortable, and comes in SO many styles to suit your tastes. Collars & lapels for work in the Dianne style, or a stylish French cafe fit & flair can be found in the Mimi dress. Our real favourites are the Alexa tops & dresses - bear in mind that these are a sell out style so if you like one, grab it quickly!

Best styles for big boobs: Wrap dresses & tops