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Saint Bustier is a unique online fashion boutique that allows women with big busts to shop for clothes in exactly the same way as their less busty friends. Our customers simply choose their clothing size - there's no need to go up a size to accommodate larger busts. We may make this sound easy (bordering on magical!) but believe us, it's not...



It takes a team of experts, advisors, fit models and great relationships with our brands to put together collections that meet our stringent fit and fashion criteria.

BRANDS & DESIGNERS: First we identify brands known for their quality and style, with pieces suitable for a workable wardrobe. Then our buying team select the most beautiful styles from their ranges. This is an ongoing process as we like to investigate brands from all over the world, including both new and established designers.

SHAPES: We look for key shapes that, we know from years of experience, will flatter big busts as well as hourglass silhouettes. We also introduce some more experimental styles if there is something that draws us to them - for example, a gorgeous print or an unusual detail.

FABRICS: We select fabrics with the optimum degree of stretch, drape or flow to enhance comfort, ease of wear and shape retention.



In the same way women would go shopping and try on numerous items and styles to find that one piece they really love for its perfect look and fit, we work with our brands and scour ranges daily to bring our customers a definitive selection of perfect pieces, saving them any more long, disheartening shopping trips.

We fit our styles on a number of fit models of similar clothing sizes, with a range of cup sizes, and we listen to their feedback.

We take note of how the fabric hangs on each cup size for every clothing size, in a range of positions and look at what the garment does, both for the bust and for the entire silhouette, as well as whether it has any quirks that make it look different on certain cup sizes. After all, in the same way as off-the-peg, ready to wear clothing may look different on an A cup to how it looks on a C cup, this does not necessarily mean that it will look 'good' on one and 'bad' on another - it simply may look 'different' - but we make sure that it looks equally great.

We collate our research and feedback and then review everything, ensuring each garment meets our selection criteria, whether it's a timeless classic or whether it works with forthcoming fashion or colour trends. Finally, we review how these pieces would fit in with our customers' wardrobes.



The styles we sell on Saint Bustier not only fit bigger busts - they flatter them too. Simply fitting is not good enough. We want our pieces to look and feel beautiful on. We want them to give our customers comfort and confidence. We adore curvy silhouettes and are not about hiding bigger busts, but about tasteful, beautifully cut clothing. Some styles may create a bust-minimising illusion but this comes as a natural result of wearing correctly sized, well-fitting garments which accommodate larger cup sizes.



We love hearing our customers' reactions when they try our clothing as, given this is a very new approach to shopping for women with big busts, we are always greeted first with sceptical hesitance, then with amazed appreciation that we really do live up to our promises. We often hear customers say that they don't know how we do it, but that whatever we're doing, it works!


“I looked high and low for a sophisticated, yet not too formal wedding dress that would accommodate my rather ample bosom. I happened across St. Bustier; the retro designs and celebrity "endorsements" captured my interest immediately. [My Ivory Nigella Dress] arrived less than two weeks later (I live in the US) and I tried it on. It fit like a glove! The sizing guides are accurate if you follow them. I followed the advice of wearing the Maidenform shape wear underneath and it looked perfect. The fabric of the dress is made to shape and form and works well in conjunction with shape wear. Lining would be too much (and too hot and lumpy)! It's the most flattering dress I've ever worn.” Brooke Weston, Customer

"I got a dress from there that seriously knocked a size off me, due to the tailoring.” Caitlin Moran, Author and Journalist

"If you buy your actual dress size, your boobs fit in." Grace Dent, Author / Broadcaster

 “I have always found it challenging to find dresses that fit my proportions, but not any more! I adore my [3] SB dresses and always get compliments on them. Service has always been great too!” Nic Elle, Customer

“Online order easy, clear instructions about returns, dress arrived quickly, [I] put it on and it was perfect.” Belinda Bowen, Customer



When deciding on which size to buy, simply select your regular clothing size and your bust will fit.  Do remember to check the Fit Notes for each product as, for some styles, you may even be able to go down a dress size! For details on how to go about selecting your size, please click on the SIZE GUIDE link here. And remember to drop us a line on if you need any style advise. Happy Shopping!